Alumni Success Stories: Key to Your Alumni Engagement Strategy

Unlocking Alumni Engagement Excellence

In the bustling world of university and college administration, where priorities and tasks multiply, alumni engagement is often a challenge. How do we foster connections with graduates new and past? How do we inspire alumni to give back to their alma mater and support the new generation of students?

Inspiring content is one answer. That’s where I come in, crafting powerful narratives that don’t just tell stories but captivate hearts and minds, inspiring action. I interview successful alumni at your school and write engaging stories about their impact in the community, their learnings at the institution, and their professional achievements. These stories are perfect to share on social media, in newsletters as part of content marketing efforts, and in alumni engagement strategy campaigns. 

Motivational stories add brightness to educational content and elevate your traditional academic content.

My Experience with Content Writing for Higher Education

Working with the Telfer School of Management as a contractor for two years in a row, I’ve written about the Former CFO of Canada Goose, the gold mining magnate Ian Telfer, Executive MBA programs, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, and a lot more. I understand how a university, and a business school especially, functions inside and out. I’ve interviewed high-profile and experienced business professionals, guiding the conversation to capture the most important insights. In short timeframes, I deliver high-quality pieces, accept my client’s feedback, and my type of writing gets positive reactions and lots of engagement both online and offline.

Sonya Gankina on University of Ottawa Campus. Young woman wearing a black dress against a green background with trees and grass.
Sonya Gankina at a Telfer School of Management event in 2023.

These alumni success stories are integral to alumni engagement and every college or university can benefit from more organic content, whether it is to highlight excellent minority students and faculty in honour of Black History Month or showcase incredible women scientists and researchers at your school for International Women’s Day.

Both timely and evergreen content (in the form of landing pages and website copy for service and program pages) should always be at the forefront of your school. I know it can be difficult to delegate and execute when other priorities abound so I am here to help take the load off and deliver engaging high-profile content in a matter of days. That’s hours of time saved for you and great peace of mind! We can always use some of that.

The Power of Alumni Success Stories

Embark on a journey of organic alumni engagement by leaning on the compelling force of success stories with my professional content writing for the education industry. In a project for the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, I interviewed Jacqueline Rigg, a powerful driver of important Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work at the School. She was named a Diversity and Equity Champion at the Canada Border Services Agency and she is a philanthropist. Highlighting her success story for Telfer is important—this is the school where she got her start and to which she now gives back. 

Large grey building with glass, the Desmarais building of Telfer School of Management of uOttawa.
Photo from Macleans.

For a higher education institution, whether a university or a college, it is imperative to create blog posts like these. This type of marketing content appeals to your target audience, be it existing alumni or prospective students. As a professional writer, I create website content and blog pieces to drive organic engagement on your social media and to attract more traffic to your website, all part of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

Content Writing for Higher Education

Another success story at Telfer is as a long-standing employee who donates to students every month simply because he feels it is the right thing to do, Marc Albert. What are the success stories of alumni at your school? I’m sure they are plentiful and I’m here to help you capture them and present them to the world. Your current students will feel a closer connection to your school, knowing just how many success stories you produced, and perhaps more importantly, they will feel inspired, thinking ”If the alumni can do it, so can I.”  

These thoughtfully crafted narratives are the cornerstone of a robust alumni engagement strategy, fostering a profound connection between your institution and its graduates. Plus, they are essential to drive traffic to your institution via a search engine like Google. My type of high-quality writing is ideal for both humans and search engines. This type of content balances valuable information with powerful storytelling.

Why Alumni Engagement Matters

Alumni engagement isn’t just a checkbox on your university to-do list; it’s the heartbeat of lasting relationships. Picture this: alumni who are not only informed about their alma mater’s current endeavours but are actively involved, contributing their insights and resources to elevate the institution’s standing. It’s a win-win scenario that starts with the art of storytelling. Working closely with a higher education institution, we combine my writing skills with their professional visual aids, such as the headshots of the alumni at work or at an event. The result is an editorial piece with high-quality content ideal for both readers and search engine optimization.

My SEO Writing Process for Higher Education

Working together with the client, I complete a thorough keyword research, exploring keyword options they are interested in optimizing and suggesting what I think is best, given the locale, search volume, and keyword difficulty. I suggest that a blog post, a landing page, or website copy will be the course of action. Often, a permanent program page is a great way to drive traffic and action. Other times, an extensive blog post interviewing subject matter experts at your higher education institution is the way to go. I work not only as a professional education writer but also as your personal content manager, to help you make the best decisions.

Alumni Success Stories: The Missing Piece

Do you need help finding the missing piece to elevate your alumni engagement strategy? Look no further. My expertise lies in crafting captivating success stories that resonate with your audience, showcasing the triumphs of your alumni in a way that instills pride and connection. Plus, I will suggest how to distribute the stories in the best way to boost organic social media engagement and drive traffic to your site through SEO.

Unleashing the Potential of Alumni Achievements

Every achievement, big or small, adds a brushstroke to the canvas of your university’s story. Through meticulous interviews, competitor research, and a deep dive into SEO best practices, I bring forth unique narratives that will not only inspire your existing alumni but also attract the brightest minds among the new students. Perfect for undergraduates and post-graduates alike.

Your Freelance Partner in Alumni Engagement

As a freelance content writer dedicated to elevating your university’s narrative, I bring a fresh perspective and an unyielding commitment to unearthing the essence of your institution. With a portfolio that speaks volumes and a track record of driving engagement, I stand ready to be the wordsmith behind your alumni success stories.

Ready to Transform Your Alumni Engagement Strategy?

Explore my portfolio for a glimpse into the impactful stories that await. Let’s embark on a journey that transforms alumni engagement from a mere task to an immersive experience, one success story at a time.