Freelance Content Writing

Is That What You Need?

Hey, there. I guarantee you’ve heard endless times that you need content. Is that the same as freelance content writing? Should you hire a part-time or full-time marketing manager? Can they write the content? Does content mean blog posts or social media? Should you hire a freelance content writer? Where do you even find them? Do they also do content marketing? How do you know this will produce results for your business? Where does SEO come in?

I get it. It’s overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Today, let’s answer your burning questions about freelance content writing and send you on your way with digestible information and easy action items so you can get back to doing your job.

What is freelance content writing?

In a nutshell, freelance content writing is the art of crafting words that not only tell a story but sell a brand. It’s about creating engaging, informative, and strategic content that captivates your audience and drives results. Freelance content writers craft narratives that resonate with your audience and boost your brand’s visibility. While freelance writing can mean many things, freelance content writing refers to website content such as blog posts and article writing, social media posts, product descriptions on e-commerce websites, e-books, and whitepapers that can require technical writing.

Who is Sonya Gankina?

First, let me introduce myself so you’re not speaking to just your computer screen. My name is Sonya and I’m a copywriter and content marketer with a home base in Canada. After I got my business degree, I worked at a digital marketing agency and then started my own business during the pandemic. Now I’m in my fourth year of running a successful and profitable-since-day-one copywriting and content marketing business. I work with business owners, creative agencies, and universities. I’ve written 277+ blog posts and websites to date. I also work as a Content Manager at a local arts & culture non-profit. Now, let’s dive into freelance content writing.

The Power of Words

Why does freelance content writing matter? Simple–words carry weight. They can turn a casual visitor into a devoted customer. Imagine your website as a virtual storefront; freelance content writing is the welcoming salesperson enticing people to step inside, explore, and ultimately make a purchase. Think back—you’ve definitely visited websites that were fun, engaging, and witty. Isn’t it awesome to be entertained and informed at the same time instead of being confronted with the snoozefest of useless and worst-of-all spammy content?

What types of projects require content writing skills?

Freelance content writing skills prove invaluable across diverse projects. Small businesses and large companies alike benefit from compelling website copy, which tells a story and navigates the intricacies of SEO best practices to enhance online visibility—all at the same time. Website copy includes home, about, service, and location pages of a website. Website content includes blog posts, resources section, and articles. The creation of engaging email newsletters also becomes seamless, keeping your audiences captivated.

When it comes to more substantial information dissemination, white papers stand out as prime candidates for freelance content writing.

The versatility of freelance content writing extends across the digital landscape. Whether you’re a small business aiming to amplify your voice or a large company looking to shape your brand narrative, as a freelancer I use these skills to transform every project into a straightforward and impactful story.

Where can I find a freelance content writer?

Navigating the realm of hiring a freelance content writer is both straightforward and nuanced, offering a myriad of options tailored to your needs (and budget!). In the expansive landscape of the gig economy where many are now digital nomads or working from home, platforms like Fiverr or Upwork provide a pool of skilled writers ready to take on diverse projects. Job boards are also robust hubs for connecting with freelance talent. The challenge is sifting through hundreds if not thousands of writers. Plus, the platforms take a cut from each freelancer. Often, many people turn to these platforms in search of affordable or quick options. Of course, there are talented professionals on every platform, but be aware of how time-consuming it may be to select someone, especially without a personal touch or a direct recommendation.

How do I hire a freelance content writer?

For those preferring a hands-off approach, job alerts on relevant platforms ensure that you’re promptly informed when a qualified writer aligns with your requirements. You may explore adding your project to a platform housing “content writing jobs” or “freelance writer jobs.” This works well if you are looking to hire a part-time or full-time staff member. LinkedIn Jobs is a sophisticated platform well-suited to hiring contractors.

A more personalized approach involves leveraging word of mouth and referrals, a testament to the quality and reliability of the writer. If you’re tired of endless web surfing and are seeking a seamless hiring process, I have good news for you. Not only do I provide top-notch freelance content writing services, but my clients also vouch for the excellence of my work through multiple reviews on my website. Streamlining the hiring process, my thorough services guarantee not just good content that actually performs, but a true long-term partnership that propels your brand narrative forward.

Why You Need Freelance Content Writing

1. Strategic Storytelling:

Freelance content writing is not just about stringing words together; it’s about crafting a narrative that speaks to your audience. Strategic storytelling builds a connection, fosters trust, and keeps your brand on the tip of their tongues. People always resonate well with real, true stories. That’s why I have a unique interview process to speak with your company’s leadership team, staff, and even clients. I dig deep to understand your industry deeply and delve into your company’s core values, mission, and vision. Don’t worry if you don’t have those yet, we can develop them together.

2. SEO Magic:

Enter the world of SEO magic. Freelance content writers don’t just create content; they sprinkle it with strategic SEO parameters, making your website more visible to search engines. Say hello to higher rankings, increased organic traffic, and a digital red carpet welcoming potential customers. I do this by using industry-leading tools like Neil Patel’s UberSuggest to find the golden ticket in the world of keywords—words people actually search Google for but not those that are too competitive. We want it to be realistic for you to rank with your content. Plug-ins such as Yoast SEO help your WordPress site with SEO optimizations that include setting a proper page title, meta description, and slug. They even assess your progress!

3. Consistency is Key:

Ever visited a website with sporadic, inconsistent content? It’s frustrating and you’re not even sure if they are still in business. Freelance content writing ensures a consistent flow of content, keeping your audience engaged and your brand top of mind.

4. How long does SEO take?

SEO is a long-term game! It’s not just posting one article and waking up to bathtubs of cash. Let’s remove that unrealistic expectation right away. SEO content marketing takes a few months for Google to understand you are putting out actually useful valuable content that’s not stuffed with keywords. Multiple consistent posts and pages are key because we want to expand on your expertise and knowledge and continually update your site, just like bloggers do, to satisfy both your readers and the search engine. Learn more about content strategy here.

How Freelance Content Writing Works

1. Discovery:

We delve into the depths of your brand, understanding its essence, goals, and target audience. This phase is the bedrock of impactful content creation. This is where it’s important to be honest, vulnerable, and open to changes.

2. Crafting the Narrative:

Armed with insights, we start the creative process of writing. Every word is meticulously chosen to tell a story that resonates and sparks action. A strong story can only be written using the bricks of the foundation we crafted first. Good content takes time to create.

3. SEO Magic Wand:

Strategic SEO techniques are woven into the fabric of your content, ensuring it’s not just beautiful but also visible to the ever-watchful eyes of search engines. Here we use best practices such as the number of words and images needed, accessibility requirements such as alt text on images, strategic mention of keywords and keyword-adjacent terms throughout the piece, and more. Note this is more on the front-end and you can work with a developer to dive deeper into technical SEO with back-end optimizations.

4. Continuous Refinement:

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. Freelance content writing is not a one-time affair; it’s a commitment to continuous improvement, adapting to trends, and keeping your brand ahead of the curve. This is where collecting data and analyzing this data is important, using approachable tools like Google Analytics or more sophisticated tools like Amplitude. It’s not just posting your content online and hoping for the best, it’s seeing who is actually reading your content, when, and where? We can explore user journey mapping—which page did they land on when they came to your site? Where did they go next? And come up with solutions for how to move forward, with continuous refinement.

Signs You Need Freelance Content Writing

1. Inconsistent Brand Voice:

If your brand voice is akin to a radio with poor reception, it’s time for a content overhaul. Freelance content writing ensures your brand speaks with a clear, consistent voice. Whether the founder decides to write a press release or the social media specialist is putting together a post, the brand voice *needs* to be consistent and not just in the voice of whoever is writing it. We can create brand voice guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.

2. Struggling with SEO Rankings:

Are your competitors consistently outranking you? Is the world of SEO just a dark forest to you? Freelance content writing injects the SEO juice your website needs to climb those search engine ranks. Proper content marketing includes an actionable plan of leveraging different content pieces to get you seen on Google.

3. Lack of Engagement:

If your audience isn’t engaging with your content, it’s not them—it’s the content. Freelance content writing transforms bland into captivating, ensuring your audience stays hooked. This applies to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter (X), TikTok, your website, your email newsletter, and any other distribution channels you have.

The Freelance Content Writing Difference

So, what sets freelance content writing apart? It’s not just about words; it’s about the right words, strategically placed to elevate your brand. It’s the secret sauce that turns browsers into buyers, and visitors into brand advocates. It’s combining powerful storytelling with strategic SEO—at least in how I do freelance content writing, but I can’t speak for others.

Ready to Transform Your Brand?

Freelance content writing is a transformative journey for your brand. Let’s craft your brand story and tell the world about you. Ready to unearth the true story of your business?