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It's a pleasure to have you here. In this Internet home of mine, you can find my creative portfolio of visual art, published writing, original poems, and new blog pieces. If you are looking to get inspired and foster your creativity, that's a good place to start. Or if you need a new face for your brand or even hands for your jewellery, I can help with my modelling services too.


Or maybe you are fostering your own fresh and new ideas and starting a new business. Have you figured out your online and social media presences yet? I can help with digital marketing consulting, social media services, and content creation assistance. I am experienced in WordPress, Hootsuite, Google Analytics and the Microsoft Office Suite. I can also ensure your website is user-friendly, search engine optimized (SEO) and drives the actions from users that you want them to complete.


Or maybe, just maybe... You wanted to know more about me. Originally from Kyrgyzstan and Russia, I speak Russian fluently so I am available to work in both languages. OK, that's it. Let me know if you need anything.

Digital Marketing

Website and social media audits. Content creation. Marketing strategy. Research.

Creative Portfolio

Visual art. Calligraphy. Published writing portfolio. Poems. Modelling.

Sonya Gankina Blog

Mental health. Professional development. Psychology.




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