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Working with Sonya has been an absolute pleasure, she’s one of the most reliable workers I’ve ever managed and worked with. Sonya has impeccable writing skills and a good strategic mind for social media and marketing planning. She’s a team player, yet accomplishes a great deal independently, she’s very organized and always makes a great impression in client meetings.

Julien Dussault
General Manager, Apt613

“What I appreciate about working with Sonya is that she always takes the time to thoroughly understand the project first—almost as if she feels it—before writing even a single line. This depth of understanding translates directly into the copy, and her expertise is evident in the text. Having worked with various content writers and copywriters for at least the past 15 years, I can immediately distinguish between good writing and bad writing. Sonya’s writing is simply superb, and I look forward to collaborating with her on more projects.”

Vitaliy Deputat
Founder, Ad House Digital Advertising

“Sonya has been invaluable for our team. The social posts she creates for us are simple but effective and have increased our reach, our followers, and our engagement. She works quickly and efficiently and has saved my team hours of work. Sonya is great to work with, has great ideas that she’s always willing to share, and follows up on everything. I love working with her and will be recommending Sonya every chance I get.”

Jilian Morgan
Digital Marketing Manager, Relogix

We worked with Sonya to help develop our social media and content creation strategy across several channels. Sonya was reliable and consistently delivered results. I would recommend working with Sonya if you are looking for someone to effectively and efficiently manage your content and social media channels.

Carly Holm
Founder & CEO, Humani HR