Published Work and Freelance Writing Portfolio

Freelance Writing Portfolio

I write strategic website copy, showing how a client solves customer pain points. I write SEO-friendly blog posts in a variety of niches, that rank well, and drive traffic to the website.

I write for Apartment 613, an award-winning arts & culture Ottawa blog.

I’ve written for the Telfer Career Centre professional blog. I’ve written for the Telfer School of Management blog. I’ve written blogs for my first baby site.

In this collection, explore my published work and work that I have done for clients.

Sonya Gankina
A sample of published writing pieces.

Explore the blog pieces I’ve written.

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Telfer Careers
Apartment 613
Corrine Blouin
Most recent client work: Taleo Enterprise Inc.

Home Page Copy

For the most recent client project, I interviewed the owner of the business about their competitive advantage, why he started the business, and what his digital marketing goals are. I translated everything from the owner’s native Russian to English, did SEO research for keywords, and re-wrote the copy on the home page to fit the brand tone and voice. I also suggested adding new sections to highlight the value of renovations. Since this change, traffic to the website more than doubled thanks also to my launch of a new Google My Business listing. Blog #1: How do car brakes work?

I researched the topic and used UberSuggest to find viable keywords, to create an educational and SEO-friendly piece.

AllRotors Blog #2: My car has rusty rotors, should I be worried?

Blog is ranking in top #1 position on Google for the long-tailed keyword.

Fall Semester Prep 101

Students, welcome back! Hopefully you had a great summer. Going back to school is equally as exciting as it is nerve-wracking but don’t worry, you will find your classes and settle into a routine quickly enough!

Via Telfer Career Centre

Corrine Blouin
Most recent published work: Apt613

At The End Of Your Breath: Interview with photographer John Healey

For the most recent interview, I interviewed John Healey, an award-winning Ottawa-based photographer. Struggling to humanize the pandemic, Healey created art from x-rays of COVID-19 patients. We talked about this chilling project and why it is so important. Read our interview here.