An omni-channel online presence. Let’s go.

Digital Marketing Services 

Sonya Gankina
Let’s see how and why I am doing this.

What I Do and What I Know

I worked at a digital marketing agency for 3 years, with various roles: junior sales, social media management, and content creation. In January of 2021, I went full-time freelance. Now, I work as a self-employed Digital Marketer, telling stories of local businesses and big companies alike.

I’ve also written more than 40 articles and counting, with bylines from Telfer School of Management and I help companies just like yours to:

establish your overall online presence

  • setting traditional marketing goals and objectives
  • assessing the user-friendliness of your website
  • tracking and measuring of your efforts with Google Analytics
  • creating a digital marketing strategy

create strategic content

  • website content
  • blog content
  • social media content
  • press releases
  • brochures, whitepapers, spec sheets

“Working with Sonya has been an absolute pleasure, she’s one of the most reliable workers I’ve ever managed and worked with. Sonya has impeccable writing skills and a good strategic mind for social media and marketing planning. She’s a team player, yet accomplishes a great deal independently, she’s very organized and always makes a great impression in client meetings.”

Julien Dussault

General Manager, apt613

OK, but like what does that mean?

Digital marketing services I provide:

Audit your online presence

Online presence

From ground up or wherever you are now

Where do we get all our info? Oh yes, on the Internet. Is your business ready?

Services: I review your current website and audit it. I provide advice and recommendations in terms of content, SEO, UX, and UI to help your website be discovered by more people.

Social media consulting

E-commerce, retail, technical

It’s not enough to simply post anymore. People want real connections and authenticity. Do you know how to do that for your niche?

Services: audit and analyze your current social media profiles and those of your competitors’, provide fresh and unique ideas for what you can do next.

Research & virtual help

For your new or existing venture

Have you started something new and exciting? Or maybe you are stuck at a plateau? Let’s work together.

Services: virtual assistance, research on your project, data entry, organization, general advice about business operations and both traditional and digital marketing.